Berry Bush Planting

With what seemed like summer in the air, we held our second garden workday of the season on Saturday! The beds had been turned during our last workday, so on Saturday we did just a bit more soil prep and then planted ten berry bushes and a few handfuls of annual flower seeds.

Michael Bradlee once again lead the effort, giving tips on how deep and far apart to plant, how to prepare the soil in the holes with compost and leaf mulch, and how to break up the roots of the bushes to prepare them for their new homes.

Once the plants were in, we top dressed with a little more compost and leaf mulch and then covered the rest of the bed with cedar mulch to keep down weeds and hold water. These bushes will need a little extra care as they get used to their new locations, but they’re already making the garden and playground look extra inviting!

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