Minutes from meeting on 6/5/22 – DRAFT

Called to order at 7:06PM

Present:  Greg Gerritt, Chair; Michael Bradlee V-Chair, Michael McGlynn Treasurer, Martha Fraenkel Secretary; Melanie Racine, Lesley Miller City Community Garden Staff, Lesley Bogad; Clare Kim.

Quorum.  A quorum was not reached, no motion or final action can be taken.

Introductions.  Members and attendees introduced themselves.

Lesley Miller is the new City Community Garden staff, following MJ Robinson.  She will work 25 hours/week with additional hours likely at the Roger Williams Botanical Center.

Water Line.  Greg reported on the response of the City to our broken water line.

Composting at the Garden.  The question is raised on the feasibility/ how to proceed with composting at the garden.

Michael Bradlee reported on the operation at our garden.  He explained that this operation, composed solely of garden waste, will have value as top-dressing but does not provide much nutrition to the plants.  

McGlynn commented that the compost bins are not used much and that there has been little or no product since it was installed in 2019,  He said he thought it would be better to restore the 3 removed bins instead of having the composted,

Fraenkel reported that the bins are essentially unused and gardeners have commented that they don’t understand what should/not go into them.

Lesley Bogad said that the compost has instructive utility even if not very productive.

In response to the dryness of the compost due to the fiberglass covers, Bradlee said that dry composting can work but he will open the bins when it rains.  Use of ¼ inch hardware cloth in lieu of solid covers was discussed but Bradlee said changing the design now was not advisable.

Gerritt asked that Bradlee organize and implement  a work day to exxplain/improve the  composting operation.

Stewarding.   McGlynn reported that the stewarding is running smoothly.

Treasurer’s report.  McGlynn is seeking to coordinate with the SNA treasurer and to streamline our payment system.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55PM.

Martha Fraenkel, Secretary.