Winterizing – 11/12/2017

How quickly the autumn garden shifts from resiliently hanging on to gothic horror show!  As temperatures dramatically plunged into the teens last week, our plants crisped and plunged as well.  And so, the timing was good to gather for some chai, snacks, conversation, tidying-up, and garlic planting!  There is a vast amount of gratitude to go around for making our very first season in the community garden successful and fun.  Many forces converged to create a dynamic and beautiful space for community building and urban gardening in our neighborhood.   Together, we’ve made something wonderful.  People have the power!

Counting down the days until Spring when we can get together and do it again!

Autumn Gardening Talk – 9/23/2017

As the golden sunshine and long shadows of autumn arrive, the time is ripe to plant greens for harvest at Halloween!  This afternoon Eliza Sutton gave an informative and interactive talk on a variety of topics, including: crops we can plant right now, extending the growing season, monitoring plants and managing pests, cover crops, and putting our gardens to bed for winter.  We will distribute notes from the workshop to garden members, and provide some materials and resources for end-of-season activities.

Planting Seeds for the Future – 5/20/2017

Sunshine, bird song, and gentle Spring breezes greeted our first community event in the garden.  Welcomed in by members of the Education Committee, children and their parents took a tour, gathered for a story, then planted sunflower, sweet pea, and morning glory seeds.

Margie’s story book described the life of a seed, to prepare the kids for planting.  Then, from hand to hand, the seeds were placed in the ground and watered with care.

Young gardeners will get to see plants grow and bloom all season as they play.  They will see the cycle of life of the seeds they planted, and they will remember their part in creating a beautiful, flowery landscape for all to enjoy!

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Earth Day 2017

This morning a group of garden members and neighbors arrived at the garden to find a steaming pile of wood chips (already composting!) awaiting distribution.  With shovels, pitch forks, wheelbarrows, and good cheer, the hefty pile was spread throughout the garden by noontime.  In addition to our mulching operation, we gave away flower and vegetable seeds, and Frey Gardens provided seedlings for sale to the community.

The garden is now ready for the growing season.  Hoses are connected, and watering cans are waiting.  The City will turn the water on soon.  Meanwhile, April showers are taking care of the watering, and the first glorious sprouts are coming up!

Thanks to our neighbors who came by to greet us and help out today, to the City of Providence Department of Parks and Recreation (including the Forestry Division, which provided the mulch), the Partnership for Providence Parks, the office of Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and his Earth Day Spring Cleaning initiative, and to Seven Stars Bakery for the free coffee!  And thanks to Mother Nature for waiting to rain in earnest until we finished in the garden (once again, we were lucky with the weather).

Many, many thanks to all who have helped to create our beautiful Community Garden, years in the making, and so full of potential.

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Earth Moving 4/15/2017

Garden members and neighbors showed up in force to move seemingly endless piles of dirt into our raised beds this weekend!  Enormous gratitude goes out to everyone who showed up, with shovels, rakes, and wheelbarrows in hand, to make a heavy task lighter for all.

And thanks to Kerry Kohring, who got some wonderful action shots, and wrote a great article about our project for the Summit Neighborhood Association website.

dirt movers1shovelers2readying the high bed2 crews

Build Day 4/8/2017

Members of the Summit Neighborhood Community Garden built their garden beds at the Summit Avenue Playground on Saturday, April 8th.  Workers broke into teams to build the beds and line them with landscape cloth.  Two of the raised beds are double height, to accommodate gardeners with limited mobility.  The garden will be completed over the next few weeks, with plans to finish up on Earth Day.

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Plants from Michael Bradlee at Frey Gardens

Does anyone need to buy some plants to get your garden plot started this year?

Michael Bradlee is one of the newest members at Summit Neighborhood Community Garden (SNCG), but he has a lot of gardening experience. He grows his own Vegetables and Herbs at Frey Gardens (next to Frey Florist and Greenhouse), where he has a Community Food Scrap Collection and oversees the Community Garden there.

Details from Michael:
“If the SNCG would be interested in obtaining plants from me, I’ve enclosed a spreadsheet with the plants and prices.  The form can be filled out and returned to me.  See contact information in email sent to gardeners.

It’s cash n carry, no Credit Cards

Any questions, please let me know!

Thank you,

Installing Green Fence and Measuring

On Sunday March 25, 2017, the building committee installed the green fence and re-measured bed and shed areas.

The green coated wire fence was modeled after the Brown Street community garden (see photo below), with the wire fencing attached to the inside of the wood rail fence to keep all the hammered fasteners and any rough edges on the inside of the garden and not facing the play areas.

The re-measuring raised some questions about the optimal position for the garden shed, which may require some shifts in garden bed locations, but that discussion is still continuing, and we’ll have it all figured out before the bed build dates.

If anyone has feedback or photos to share, feel free to fill out the contact form in this website, or email directly to:

Thanks to everyone who came out to work on the sunny, then cloudy/cold day.  We’re moving forward thanks to the team effort!


Brown St. Community Garden – used as a model for fencing next to playground

All-Gardener meeting Wed March 22 2017

All-Gardener meeting
Wed. March 22nd at 7:00 PM
at Summit Commons
99 Hillside Ave, in the Dining Room


1. Welcome & Introductions – Nancy

2. Shed update – Cara, Nancy

3. Community Relations and Communications – Nancy

4. Committee Reports:
• Education Committee – Annie
• Sustainability Committee – Read
• Building Committee – Doug

5. Earth Day & Earth Day mini-grant update – Nancy

6. Sign-ups for: Build Days & Earth Day – Cara, Nancy
• Garden build days will be held on Saturday & Sunday, April 8 & 9; Saturday, April 15
• Earth Day Spring Cleaning & Mulch Distribution will be Saturday, April 22, 9:00 AM -12:00 PM

7. Other Business

8. Free seed distribution. We have close to 300 packets of seeds to distribute thanks to the URI Cooperative Extension free seed program, including veggies, flowers, and herbs – 10 packet maximum per household.

Please note, while Committee involvement is discretionary, participation in some work shifts is mandatory for community garden members.