2022 Annual Meeting



Present:  McGlynn, Fraenkel, Bradlee, Klevak, Sorkin, Geldsdorf, Godek, Bogad, Zinovieva, J&R Porter, Hesson, V & M Richter, Gerritt, Acevedo, Balsley, Zaslavsky.

Absent:  Kim (exc), Dubose, Kopel (exc), Teran, Rigby, Cook, Carey, Cocomello

(Lacking a secretary, minutes were taken by Fraenkel)

Michael McGlynn, CoChair of Steering Committee, chaired the annual meeting.

1)  Election of 2022 Steering Committee members:   McGlynn, Acevedo, Gerritt and Fraenkel were nominated.

McGlynn:  11 in favor, 4 opposed, one abstention – approved.
Gerritt:  unanimously approved.
Acevedo:  unanimously approved.
Bradlee:  unanimously approved
Fraenkel:  11 in favor, 4 opposed, one abstention – approved.

2)  Election of Officers:

Gerritt nominated as Chair.  Unanimously approved.
Bradlee nominated as Vice-Chair.  Unanimously approved.
McGlynn nominated as Treasurer:  4 opposed and 11 in favor:  approved.
Fraenkel nominated as Secretary:  4 opposed and 11 in favor:  approved.

3)  Additions to Agenda — anything anyone wants to add that isn’t already on the agenda

R. Porter:  respect (added at 9 below)

4)  Treasurer’s Report 

Treasurer Greg Gerritt reported on Garden finances:  

Current balance $3473.22
Balance 1/1/20   $3897.61
Balance 1/1/21   $3794.63
Current balance of Miriam grant for infrastructure $2986.84
Other funds (general fund) $486.38
Income in 2021 $896.00 (dues $840 donations $56)

We are running a slight deficit each year but at the current rate will not be insolvent for 12 more years.  Greg noted $56 in donations.

The 2021 deficit was due to expenditures for rat extermination.

5)  Garden issues

  • Rats in Garden.  McGlynn reviewed the process followed for ridding the garden of rats which had taken up residence in and around the Garden, including expenditure for professional rat abatement.  We also worked with the City to secure the underside of the shed.  The rat traps have been saved if needed going forward.
  • Gardener Participation.  McGlynn noted that garden participation has been very low.  We hope to increase responsiveness of board and garden membership generally.

6)  Garden Documents  

McGlynn briefly reviewed the Garden Rules & Contract.  He said that the document was updated as it was time to reevaluate since its original iteration.  It is now generally consistent with other community gardens and has been made much simpler.

He noted that a new garden rule has been added to keep plastic out of the garden.    

Klevak expressed disappointment in her inability to participate in the rewrite of the documents.  Discussion ensued.  See below at (9).

7)  Composting 

Michael Bradlee could not deliver his presentation due to technical problems; this will be rescheduled.

8)  Garden Manager vacancy  

McGlynn noted that the garden manager job was open.  

9)  Respect in Garden

Porter expressed concern about disrespect and discussion ensued.  Porter opined that inclusion of the garden manager in all Steering Committee meetings was beneficial and had occurred in the past.   He asked that the Steering Committee provide notice to the general membership of its meetings, noting that this has not been done uniformly in the past. 

Fraenkel commented that 1) members should review the policies and procedures document, which the steering committee is following; 2) participation has been paltry on every level and that she had great difficulty eliciting any response from gardeners, including steering committee members, over the past year. Gerritt will convene a meeting of all members in the next 6 weeks.

McGlynn adjourned the meeting at about 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Fraenkel, Acting Secretary