Earth Day 2017

This morning a group of garden members and neighbors arrived at the garden to find a steaming pile of wood chips (already composting!) awaiting distribution.  With shovels, pitch forks, wheelbarrows, and good cheer, the hefty pile was spread throughout the garden by noontime.  In addition to our mulching operation, we gave away flower and vegetable seeds, and Frey Gardens provided seedlings for sale to the community.

The garden is now ready for the growing season.  Hoses are connected, and watering cans are waiting.  The City will turn the water on soon.  Meanwhile, April showers are taking care of the watering, and the first glorious sprouts are coming up!

Thanks to our neighbors who came by to greet us and help out today, to the City of Providence Department of Parks and Recreation (including the Forestry Division, which provided the mulch), the Partnership for Providence Parks, the office of Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and his Earth Day Spring Cleaning initiative, and to Seven Stars Bakery for the free coffee!  And thanks to Mother Nature for waiting to rain in earnest until we finished in the garden (once again, we were lucky with the weather).

Many, many thanks to all who have helped to create our beautiful Community Garden, years in the making, and so full of potential.

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