Installing Green Fence and Measuring

On Sunday March 25, 2017, the building committee installed the green fence and re-measured bed and shed areas.

The green coated wire fence was modeled after the Brown Street community garden (see photo below), with the wire fencing attached to the inside of the wood rail fence to keep all the hammered fasteners and any rough edges on the inside of the garden and not facing the play areas.

The re-measuring raised some questions about the optimal position for the garden shed, which may require some shifts in garden bed locations, but that discussion is still continuing, and we’ll have it all figured out before the bed build dates.

If anyone has feedback or photos to share, feel free to fill out the contact form in this website, or email directly to:

Thanks to everyone who came out to work on the sunny, then cloudy/cold day.  We’re moving forward thanks to the team effort!

Brown St. Community Garden – used as a model for fencing next to playground
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