All-Gardener Meeting Feb 13 2017

Summit Neighborhood Community Garden – All-Gardener Meeting
Monday, February 13, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Summit Commons, 99 Hillside Ave, in the Dining Room

19 Attendees
4 Absentees

1) Welcome and introductions (Nancy Buron)
– all attendees introduced themselves and shared what they plan to grow.

2) Garden bed allocation (Douglas Itkin)
– 28 plots in layout, 23 gardeners currently registered
– randomly assigned plots and passed around list and layout, will email layout and list
– will make adjustments as needed to accommodate any accessibility needs
– open plots will be assigned to people on the wait list

3) Announce garden build days (Nancy Buron)
a) Garden Shed project ~ Planning with Partnership for Providence Parks & the City Parks Dept. is happening now and expecting to build sometime in March 2017
b) Garden Bed Building:
– Saturday & Sunday, April 8 & 9
– Saturday & Sunday, April 15 & 16
– prior planning needed for design review, tool planning, and ordering materials
c) Earth Day Clean-Up: mulch spreading, park clean-up, other activities?
– Saturday April 22 (in coordination with Parks Dept., Partnership for Providence Parks – mini-grant will be submitted by March 17)

4) Committee formation & sign-up (Nancy Buron)
– Garden Building: 11 signups
– Educational Programming: 7 signups
– Sustainability (including compost, water harvesting): 6 signups
– Build-out of the playground: 0 signups

5) Get a few possible dates in March for the next all-gardener planning meeting for the garden bed build, and for committees to report back with ideas (Mon or Wed evenings)

6) Governance document amendment (Read Porter)
– 2 changes discussed and unanimously approved
1. Changed the number for a quorum at any annual or special meeting of the Subcommittee, from 10 percent (10%) to “one third (33%)”
2. Added annual dues amount and manner are “subject to the approval of the SNA Board of Directors”

7) Announce, describe website (Douglas Itkin)
– created basic website:
– includes: garden location, upcoming meetings, and forms for contact and wait list
– planning to add history of park, and photos in the future

8) More Announcements and Open Discussion (Nancy Buron)
– Ordered free seeds from Univ. of RI, 300 packets, should be available to share at next meeting
– Interest in starting a Seed Library
– Planning for garden to be “organic”, but not strict legal certified organic
– To protect gardens, planning to attach wire fencing to split rail fence
– At next meeting will discuss roles of Garden Manager and Monitors
– Next Meeting scheduled: Wed. March 22, 7:00 pm at Summit Commons, 99 Hillside Ave.