The Summit Neighborhood Community Garden, located at the corner of Summit Ave. and 9th St. in Providence, RI, is in its first growing season!

Our garden is managed and maintained by a group of members who aim to spread their love and knowledge of gardening, grow healthy food, and create community.  We support and expand gardening opportunities in the Summit Neighborhood by providing a shared space where neighbors can engage with the garden and each other.

It is our vision for the garden to be a dynamic, nurturing, and beautiful place for the whole community.  In addition to growing plants, garden members provide resources and activities to promote environmentally responsible urban agriculture practices, as well as environmental education programs for both children and adults.  You can read more about how our garden is part of a movement of small growers who collectively create a greener, more sustainable community in the East Side Monthly.

The Community Garden is run as a committee of the Summit Neighborhood Association, and it functions in partnership with the Providence Department of Parks and Recreation, the Partnership for Providence Parks, and Miriam Hospital, which provided seed funding to build the garden.

The Community Garden Committee has a Steering Committee, which is in charge of policies and procedures for running the garden.  Steering Committee members are:  Nancy Buron, President; Read Porter, Vice President; Douglas Itkin, Secretary; and Annie Voss-Altman, Treasurer.  Dean Weinberg and Kerry Kohring are our liaisons to the Summit Neighborhood Association.  Additional committees include:  the Education Committee, Sustainability Committee, and the Building Committee.